The Teleperformance Advantage

The Teleperformance Connection Mobile App Solution is synchronized with the contact center, making your app part of your omnichannel strategy. It offers a complete customer experience platform, filling the gap between a company’s mobile applications and the direct interaction with their customers. It improves sales, increases loyalty, and improves customer satisfaction.

What do we offer?

? Selected agents: The right profile for mobile app interactions – dynamic, agile, accustomed to a fast pace environment, with a desire to get things done.
? Training program focused on mobile customer needs: Our training program exposes Mobile Agents to practical situations and makes them aware of Mobile Customer behavior; Agents will also learn how to leverage customer data to deliver a better experience.
? Analytical skills: Mobile App Agents must be able to anticipate customer needs by reading through contextual data available on the platform. Thus, analytical skills will be valued during the hiring and training processes.
? Access to information: Agents of the Mobile App interaction program have access to a richer knowledge base and more flexible scripts in order to provide a personalized customer experience.
? Exclusive combination of features: Segregated programs, completely designed for mobile app interactions, with short-message scripts, metrics, user interface, and knowledge base to ensure a higher level of engagement and customer satisfaction.
? Agility: The mobile app interaction programs target lower average handling time so all processes and tools are set to be fast and agents are extensively trained to be agile and to answer efficiently.